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You may have noticed that Google has recently made a change; they have released an update to the Chrome browser which will mark all sites without an SSL Certificate as “Not Secure.” To put it simply, if you don't have an SSL certificate you're probably seeing ...

A lot of this:

SSL Not Secure

When you should be seeing this:

SSL Secure AutoRevo

Think about it, which site would you rather visit? In the latest market survey shown here, Google Chrome has a near stranglehold on the browser marketshare.

Can you really afford to scare nearly two-thirds of your potential customers away with an insecure website?

AutoRevo Has You Covered!

With the unmatched PageSpeed of our new SuperSonic site platform, plus our SSL Certificates, we have secured our place on the cutting edge of the automotive industry. Our industry-leading PageSpeed and unassailable security will have you crushing Google and your competitors in no time.

If you’re ever in doubt, just remember this formula, “Fast + Secure = AutoRevo“, and you’ll never go wrong.

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